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What are segregated funds?

Segregated funds are similar to mutual funds in that they grow their investment capital and provide access to professional fund management.

Segregated funds like mutual funds also allow investors to diversify with different types of funds. Segregated funds offer many of the same investment opportunities but have one important difference - segregated funds are insurance contracts known as deferred annuities and are therefore governed by the Insurance Act.

Segregated funds are an insurance product with investment features. They hold investors' pooled money, which is invested in securities based on the fund's investment objectives. Segregated funds are purchased under an insurance contract, and therefore have the advantages of a Death Benefit Guarantee and Maturity Guarantee.

Why is putting money into investment funds without a guarantee risky ?

If you put money into a segregated fund, you are guaranteed, depending on age, at least 75% of your money to be returned at maturity. Or 100% at least, if you die within 15 years. This is not the case with mutual funds, which also lack other basic protections as:

  Mutual Funds Segregated Funds
Maturity Guarantee NO YES
Stock Market Guarantee NO YES
Death Benefit NO YES
Creditor Protection NO POSSIBLY
Probate Exception NO YES


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